Beat Hump Day Blues!

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Well now! Have you had a day where you just can’t seem to get motivated? It always seems to be Wednesdays that are the worst! I just really don’t feel like doing a whole lot of anything! Sometimes motivation escapes us, we need SOMETHING to pick us up and shake us.

Today, while teaching, I actually put a book on my head to try to get my student’s attention, and when that didn’t work I grabbed an old student’s model of a rocket and started waiving it around like a pointer. Yes the book was still on my head. Finally, my talkative 7th period class got the message and settled down.

Do you ever have those days when you are the student? You can’t seem to focus on the important things or get motivated to complete the task at hand? I sure do! And when that happens I take the following steps to get focused again.

Steps to Beat the Hump Day Blues

  1. I tune into my favorite christian radio station (most often) or another positive radio station, the oldies are always goodies! This helps me get into a more positive mood.
  2.  Say a prayer for focus. Ask God to help you keep a positive mindset and focus on completing your task.
  3. Make a list. The most important task goes first. The least important task goes last. Stick to the list- NO DEVIATION! This is your memory, since obviously your brain has kicked your real one to the curb for the day.
  4. Celebrate task completion. When you finish a task take a tiny brake of some kind, get up and warm your coffee or change the station, maybe scroll instagram for second. But that’s it! Two minutes tops, and you’re on to the next thing!
  5. When the work day is done, be proud of your accomplishments, no matter what they are. Leave the incomplete for the next day and LEAVE IT AT WORK. Give thanks to God for for a productive day!

It’s pretty easy, but SO effective! For me, it’s all about what frame of mind I’m in. I hope this could help you out a bit! What do you do to motivate yourself?

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10 thoughts on “Beat Hump Day Blues!”

  1. YES, lovely post. I like your list. Leave the incomplete for the next day. And for me, don’t be upset if I didn’t get everything done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tips and tricks for motivation are useful, but limited. I’m so glad that number one and two one your list involved seeking the Lord. That’s where our real strength lies. Our ability to self-motivate is pretty limited! Love how you wrapped it all up with giving thanks to God.

    1. Im glad that the post could provide a reminder for you! Subscribe for more! I’d love to hear from you again!

  3. Hump Days really can be rough sometimes. I need to stick to a list like you suggested. I’m the least organized person though, lol. I am trying to do the “leave work at home” thing, but it’s hard as a SAHM new to working at home 🙂 It’s something I’m trying to practice.

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